Sunday, December 6, 2015

20 Would you Rather for couples

Here are a 20 Would you Rather questions that are sure to reveal a lot about your someone... some will be very easy to answer,... while others may reveal some hidden desires and wont be so easy to share... :-) hope you have fun and learn something new...

    Your answer should be which one is ranked higher on your list....

Would you rather?
1-Would you Rather - Have sex with the lights on or the lights off?

2- Would you Rather -  Give or receive oral sex?

3- Would you Rather - Pay for sex or get paid for sex?

4- Would you Rather - Have morning sex or night sex? Part2 inside or outside?

5- Would you Rather - Be on top or bottom while having sex?

6 -Would you Rather - Skinny dip with just each other or involve a few friends?

7- Would you Rather - Abstain from having sex with me for one full year because you’ve been cursed by a magical spell, or would you have sex with five other people to break the curse and resume having sex with me?

8- Would you Rather - Try out new and crazy kinky sex ideas or have just have good common/normal sex?

9- Would you Rather - Have a threesome with someone you both know or a complete stranger?

10- Would you Rather - Have a threesome with 2 women and a man (ffm) or 2 men and one woman (mmf)?

11- Would you Rather - Grind and touch each other while clubbing/dancing  or be "played" with under the table at a restaurant?

12- Would you Rather -Be blindfolded and tied to the bed or just Blindfolded?

13- Would you Rather -  Role play being Master/Slave or Role Reversal?

14- Would you Rather - Have sex with each other while someone’s watching  or watch someone else having sex.

15- Would you Rather: Watch your partner having sex with someone else or have your partner watch you having sex with someone else?

16- Would you Rather - look like you are a super model and be very bad lover or be an average good looking person that is a great lover?

17- Would you Rather - Give up on a promotion or... sleep with your boss to get the promotion or  ask your partner to sleep with your boss to get the promotion?

18- Would you Rather - Know who your lover brought into the room to have sex with you or be blindfolded and never know?

19 -Would you Rather - Have sex with identical twins or a father and son/Mother and daughter?

20- Would you Rather - Explore and share your Desires and Fantasies with your partner or keep it to yourself and never fulfill them?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Male Fantasy

I got this from the source listed below... I will add my thought on each... Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.... or a different Fantasy....
10. Sharing his partner
The reasons for this fantasy are quite diverse. Some of the men who fantasize about this simply enjoy the thought of pleasuring a woman in ways that are physically impossible for a single man (at the same time, anyway), others are turned on by the element of humiliation to themselves it can contain, and yet others get excited over the element of submission on the woman’s side that might be implied. All these different fantasies combined make this one of the more popular themes.
This would be fun... to watch and to join, I would love to be able to have an other help me touch my wife in ways that I can not do alone... The thought of having an other woman  please my wife is a major turn-on! 
9. Being watched
The combination of being taboo and involving others is what makes this fantasy a turn-on for quite a few men. Forbidden fruit is always attractive, especially when it comes to sex. When the chance of showing off ones sexual prowess to the world is added to that, it becomes an irresistible fantasy for many.
I think that this is a safe way of "Sharing your Partner" Don't just watch, come over and play!
8. Age differences
Sometimes it’s a simple matter of taste, sometimes a matter of wanting what you don’t have, and sometimes a matter of nostalgia. Either way, men often fantasize about women with ages vastly different from their own. Eighteen year old men fantasize about women in their forties, fifty-eight year old men fantasize about eighteen year old women, and so on.
I will admit that beautiful women of any age are always on the list... but when I think of older women I think what can they teach me... and then the other way around for the younger ladies... Both have a certain appeal to me. :-)
7. Going down
When it comes to specific sex acts, one of the most popular ones to fantasize about is performing oral sex on women. Both the thought of pleasuring a woman as well as stimulating senses like taste and scent make this fantasy incredibly arousing for many men.
I do love to taste of a good clean woman, and would love to please her for hours... with a toy, or just with my hands and tongue!!!
6. Various orifices
While performing oral sex on women is a popular fantasy, even more popular are receiving oral sex from a woman or performing anal sex on her. The difference in sensations from “normal” sex as well as the taboo aspect these acts hold for some prove to be incredibly alluring for many men – especially those who haven’t tried them before.
Not too much to say on this one... I have tried it all, and I prefer a tight Virginia any day! 
5. Sexy outfits
Nurse costumes, schoolgirl outfits, leather corsets and smart business suits. They’re just a few of the many outfits men fantasize about women wearing. While men usually aren’t quite as interested in high fashion as women are, the right set of clothes will turn many on.
Please dress up! Leet's throw some Role Playing into it and let's have some fun!
4. A change of scenery
“Location, location, location” might be the motto of real estate agents, but for many men it’s also a main feature of their fantasies. Whether it’s a tropical beach at night, the hood of their car, a sunny park in spring or the kitchen, sex in specific places is one of the most exciting fantasies for many men.
This one is pretty high on my list, You have got to be able to change it up from time to time... 
3. Watching
It’s often said that men are visual creatures, and this fantasy definitely confirms that. Watching a single woman masturbate, or watching a couple having sex – they’re favorite fantasies among a large group of men. Perhaps not surprising, considering the popularity of porn.
Well, this one goes back to the first one... "Sharing your Partner" 
2. Giving up control
In a society where men are often expected to take initiative, it shouldn’t come as a shock that many of them fantasize about doing the exact opposite and completely giving up control to a woman. Fantasies involving this range from simply being lazy in bed to being tied up and ravished by a woman.
This one does sound a little fun... and scary...
1. Three’s company
It’s cliché, but true: the most popular fantasy among men involves having sex with multiple women at the same time. Virtually every straight man will fantasize about it several – or, more likely, numerous – times in his life. Even if it usually doesn’t work out quite as well as you’d hope in real life, as a fantasy it is virtually unbeatable.
Finally, before you go out and suggest trying all these things to your partner, a word of caution: even if these are popular fantasies, every man is different. The best way to find out what your husband or boyfriend fantasizes about is asking him, not reading articles on websites. And always keep in mind that some fantasies are best left unfulfilled.
Well, yes this is my number one Fantasy!!! one day it will come true...

I think that I am going to make my own list.... of my top ten... stay tuned... I will get started on it ASAP! 

Thanks again for reading!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Fantasy of mine

I have a Handyman Business, I do pretty well.  I have often thought of different fantasies that are all about the "Handyman"...

Like... the lonely house wife

Or the couple that can not pay for the service I preformed... so they preform for me and I receive payment from the cute Newly wed Bride...

Or when the husband walks in ... then joins in...

Even mom and daughter ( both are of legal age)

I have been in many houses and seen a lot of different things...

I will expand on these in later post...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comet Best Sex Question for new couples pt 4

Give a rating between 0-100
0 being NO interest with 100 being LOVE it…
You can also enter “DK” for Don’t Know

-Long teasing and foreplay sessions
-After play
-Receiving a sensual massage
-Giving a sensual massage
-Giving a lap dance
-Receiving a lap dance
-Having pictures/video taken while you are dressed sexy and/or naked
-Taking pictures/video taken of your partner dressed sexy and/or naked
-Having your picture/video taken during sex
-Taking picture/video taken during sex
-Use mirrors while having sex
-Fondle your partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)
-Having sex in a car
-Giving oral sex while driving
-Receiving oral sex while driving
-Having sex in the woods or in a park
-Having sex in a place where you might get caught
-Role-playing in costumes and/or act out fantasies
-You or partner wearing stockings and high heels during sex
-Listening to romantic music while having make love/sex
-Having your partner take control and command you to do things - submissive
-Having your partner doing want you command - dominant
-Having your partner be rough during sex
-Performing oral sex
-Receiving oral sex
-The taste of semen
-The taste of a woman’s juices
-Using dildos during sex              
-Using vibrators during sex
-Be given a foot and/or toe job
-Using sex furniture (such as a sex swing or ramp)
-Be blindfolded
-Be tied down or otherwise restrained
-To be or to use finger and/or use toys anally while having sex
-To have anal sex
-Double penetrate with partner and a toy
-Watching other couples have sex (live)
-Let another person/people/couples watch you having sex
-Having sex monogamously with other couples (don't touch other couples)
-Include another female in sex (ménage-a-trios)
-Include another male in sex (ménage-a-trios)
-Include another couple in sex (small orgy)
-Participating in a large orgy (more than 4 people)
-To trying new positions
-To trying new techniques
-Having an orgasm every time you have sex
-Taking showers together
-Going to a nude beach/resort
-Going to a pleasure resort
- (PDA) Public Display of Affection
-Your partner not wearing panties
-Sex in public
-For you or your partner to be vocal during sex
-Watching your partner Masturbate
-To be watched by your partner while you masturbate
-The taste yourself
-To openly talk with your partner about all of your fantasies
-To help your partner fulfill their fantasies
-To allow your partner to help you fulfill of your fantasies

Please let me know if you  like these questions? Please answer them, and/or give some feed back

Thank you for reading... and find more here

Comet's Best Sex Question for new couples pt 3

Comet’s Best Sex Questions pt 3

*Is non-sexual touching as equally arousing to you?

*Is oral satisfaction important to you?

*Do you have sexual dreams? Describe one of them.

*If you had one day to live, what would you do?

*When was the moment that you knew you loved your partner?

*Is touching and holding each other:
More important than having sex        as important        less important

*When was the first time you masturbated?
            Do you still?

*Do you have any nude pictures/video of yourself?
            Any hardcore?

*How small is too small, or too big?

*Does size really matter?

*Have you ever been called a freak? Why?

*Are you a booty or boobs person?

*If you were a stripper, what would your name be?

*If you could… would you want to be the opposite sex for a day?

* Have you ever had sex with someone while another person watched?
            Who watched you?

*Have you ever had a thought about being gay or lesbian?

*Would you rather be cute or sexy?

*Were you a witness to someone having sex?
            Who was it?

*What’s the one secret you've been too embarrassed to tell your partner?

*The average duration of sex for most couples is around ten minutes. How long do you think is your average?

*The average frequency of sex for couples is about eight times a month. How many times a month do you feel is ideal?

*Of all the things you do sexually, what do you think turns your partner on the most?

*Does making out on a rooftop or under the stars sound.
 Romantic     adventurous     scary

*Would you get a couples’ sensual erotic massage with masseurs of the opposite sexes.

*Make out on someone else’s bed.  
Weird     awkward     oh-so-sexy

*Have you succumbed to the seduction of an older man/woman ever?
 How old were you?

Which of the following turns you on when thinking about it?
 Give rating 0-100
Being a stripper                                 Rape fantasy              Role reversals             Group sex
A gorgeous woman                           Exhibitionism             Submissive                 Dominatrix
Stranger in the bedroom                  Threesomes                Prostitution               Virgins           
Role playing games                           Voyeurism                  Making love               Orgies
People who are off-limits                 Engaging in forbidden love                 Exotic locations
Public sex                                            Being a nude model

Please feel free to leave a comment, and answer the questions!!!!

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