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Comet Best Sex Question for new couples pt 4

Give a rating between 0-100
0 being NO interest with 100 being LOVE it…
You can also enter “DK” for Don’t Know

-Long teasing and foreplay sessions
-After play
-Receiving a sensual massage
-Giving a sensual massage
-Giving a lap dance
-Receiving a lap dance
-Having pictures/video taken while you are dressed sexy and/or naked
-Taking pictures/video taken of your partner dressed sexy and/or naked
-Having your picture/video taken during sex
-Taking picture/video taken during sex
-Use mirrors while having sex
-Fondle your partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)
-Having sex in a car
-Giving oral sex while driving
-Receiving oral sex while driving
-Having sex in the woods or in a park
-Having sex in a place where you might get caught
-Role-playing in costumes and/or act out fantasies
-You or partner wearing stockings and high heels during sex
-Listening to romantic music while having make love/sex
-Having your partner take control and command you to do things - submissive
-Having your partner doing want you command - dominant
-Having your partner be rough during sex
-Performing oral sex
-Receiving oral sex
-The taste of semen
-The taste of a woman’s juices
-Using dildos during sex              
-Using vibrators during sex
-Be given a foot and/or toe job
-Using sex furniture (such as a sex swing or ramp)
-Be blindfolded
-Be tied down or otherwise restrained
-To be or to use finger and/or use toys anally while having sex
-To have anal sex
-Double penetrate with partner and a toy
-Watching other couples have sex (live)
-Let another person/people/couples watch you having sex
-Having sex monogamously with other couples (don't touch other couples)
-Include another female in sex (ménage-a-trios)
-Include another male in sex (ménage-a-trios)
-Include another couple in sex (small orgy)
-Participating in a large orgy (more than 4 people)
-To trying new positions
-To trying new techniques
-Having an orgasm every time you have sex
-Taking showers together
-Going to a nude beach/resort
-Going to a pleasure resort
- (PDA) Public Display of Affection
-Your partner not wearing panties
-Sex in public
-For you or your partner to be vocal during sex
-Watching your partner Masturbate
-To be watched by your partner while you masturbate
-The taste yourself
-To openly talk with your partner about all of your fantasies
-To help your partner fulfill their fantasies
-To allow your partner to help you fulfill of your fantasies

Please let me know if you  like these questions? Please answer them, and/or give some feed back

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Comet's Best Sex Question for new couples pt 3

Comet’s Best Sex Questions pt 3

*Is non-sexual touching as equally arousing to you?

*Is oral satisfaction important to you?

*Do you have sexual dreams? Describe one of them.

*If you had one day to live, what would you do?

*When was the moment that you knew you loved your partner?

*Is touching and holding each other:
More important than having sex        as important        less important

*When was the first time you masturbated?
            Do you still?

*Do you have any nude pictures/video of yourself?
            Any hardcore?

*How small is too small, or too big?

*Does size really matter?

*Have you ever been called a freak? Why?

*Are you a booty or boobs person?

*If you were a stripper, what would your name be?

*If you could… would you want to be the opposite sex for a day?

* Have you ever had sex with someone while another person watched?
            Who watched you?

*Have you ever had a thought about being gay or lesbian?

*Would you rather be cute or sexy?

*Were you a witness to someone having sex?
            Who was it?

*What’s the one secret you've been too embarrassed to tell your partner?

*The average duration of sex for most couples is around ten minutes. How long do you think is your average?

*The average frequency of sex for couples is about eight times a month. How many times a month do you feel is ideal?

*Of all the things you do sexually, what do you think turns your partner on the most?

*Does making out on a rooftop or under the stars sound.
 Romantic     adventurous     scary

*Would you get a couples’ sensual erotic massage with masseurs of the opposite sexes.

*Make out on someone else’s bed.  
Weird     awkward     oh-so-sexy

*Have you succumbed to the seduction of an older man/woman ever?
 How old were you?

Which of the following turns you on when thinking about it?
 Give rating 0-100
Being a stripper                                 Rape fantasy              Role reversals             Group sex
A gorgeous woman                           Exhibitionism             Submissive                 Dominatrix
Stranger in the bedroom                  Threesomes                Prostitution               Virgins           
Role playing games                           Voyeurism                  Making love               Orgies
People who are off-limits                 Engaging in forbidden love                 Exotic locations
Public sex                                            Being a nude model

Please feel free to leave a comment, and answer the questions!!!!

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Comet's Best Sex Question for new couples pt 2

Comet's Best Sex Questions pt 2
Please describe in detail when answering the following questions

*What do you think the best love scene in a movie is?
*What is your favorite romantic song?
*Where would you want to go for the perfect vacation?
*What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a member of the opposite sex?
*What’s your favorite part of YOUR body?
*What is your favorite part of the body on a member of the opposite sex?
*What are three spots on your body that drives you insane and gets you in the mood?
*What was the most unexpected sexual experience you've ever had? It can be the experience itself or something that you never expected to happen with that partner.
*One sexual thing you would like to do, that you have never done before.
*One sexual thing you would never do, and why?
*What's your favorite thing to have done to you when having sex?
*Describe a perfect romantic date
*Describe your top 3 instances where you had the most amazing sex.
*Describe what you think that make having sex and making love different for you
* What is your favorite food to bring to bed strawberries, chocolate, whip cream, ice?
*What is your favorite scent for massage oil?
*Do you like music in the bedroom, if so what?
*What is your favorite body part to be massaged?
*What everyday things make you think of sex?
*What about lingerie, do you like?
What is something that you would like your partner to do more of?
*What is something that you would like your partner to do less of?
*Do you have a fantasy location that you would like to make love?
*Describe a crazy sexual adventure that you had.
*What sexual activities do you enjoy most?
*Are there specific sexual acts that make you uncomfortable?
*Do you feel comfortable initiating sex?
*Do you like it when your partner initiates sex?
*How often do you need or expect sex?
*What is something that you would like to do to your partner that we have never done?
*What is something that you would like your partner to do to you, that we have never done?
*Describe the most wonderful romantic night that you have had.
*What’s your favorite sexual fantasy (involving one partner)?
*What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Do you want to make it happen?
*Are you willing to help your partner achieve their fantasies?
*Are you willing to allow your partner to help you fulfill your fantasies?

Please leave a comment, Let me know how you like these questions. Or if you have any suggestions to add to these?

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