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Comet's Best Sex Questions for new couples pt1

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Comet's Sex Question

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Answer each question
 Honestly and as Completely as possible
Please expand any answer and give as much detail as possible

*Are you male/female                 *How old are you?

*How old were you when you had your first kiss?
            How old were you when you had your first French kiss?

*How old were you when you got to 2nd base?(Touching under clothes, Fingering for girls or hand job for boys)
*How old were you when you got the 3rd base? (Oral sex and/or sex toys)

*How old were you when you lost your virginity?
How old was the other person?
Is it a good memory?
If you could change this age would you?
Where did you lose your virginity?

*How old were you when you saw your first naked Man/Woman? (In a sexual way)
            When was the first time someone saw you naked?

*How many times in one day have you had sex?
Was it with the same partner?

*How many sexual partners have you had?
            How many partners in one day?
            If more than one, did they know?

*Have you ever had a one-night-stand?
            Was it good, fun, satisfying?                
Would you do it again?

*How many times a week would you like to engage in sexual activities?
What is the average for you now?

*What is your favorite time of day to have sex/make love?

*Have you ever paid for sex?
            Have you ever been paid for sex? –
Would you ever do it again?

*Where is your favorite place to be touched during sex?
            would you like to be touched more/less?

*What is your biggest turn on?

 *What is your biggest turn off?

*What are your favorite foreplay activities?

*While having sex is it all business or do you like to have fun and keep it light?
About how long should it take from start to finish?
What do you like to start with?
What do you like to end with?

*How do you feel about you or your partner walking around the house nude?
When you are home alone?
While others are in your home?

*Skinny dipping?
Have you been?
If no, would you go?
With or without your partner?
How about with a group of close friends or your best friend?
How about with people that you might never see again?
What would it take for you to go Skinny Dipping?

*Nude beach/resort?
Have you been?
If no, would you go?
With or without your partner?
How about with a group of close friends or your best friend?
What would it take for you to go to one?

*Strip club?
 Have you been?
If no, would you go?
With or without your partner?
How about with a group of close friends or your best friend?
What would it take for you go ?
How about full nude?
            Would you get a lap dance?
            What if your partner wanted to watch?
Would you watch you partner get a lap dance?

*Describe the perfect penis/vagina. (Long, Thick, Big/Small Lips, Trimmed, Shaved, Natural)?
            What is your desired perfect size? (Breast, Waist, Penis ect…)
             Does size really matter?
            What is your Size?

*Would you take or allow your partner to take Nude Erotica/Soft Core photos and/or Videos of you?
            How about Hard Core photo and/or videos?
Would you send nude photos and/or videos of yourself to your partner?
Would you allow them to be shared?
*Do you masturbate?
            How often?
What do you use? (Toys, Phone sex, Erotica, Hard Core, Adult Stories)
            Would you, while your partner watches?
Would you, and then send them the video or photo?

*How important is oral sex?
            How much do you like receiving?
            How much do you like giving?
            Will you kiss after you partner has gone down on you?
            Will you sallow semen?
            Do you like having your partner swallow yours?
            Do you like the taste yourself on your partner’s lips?
Do you like the taste of your partner?
Do you like the taste of yourself?
            How much do you like the 69 position?
                        Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?
            Is it ok for a man to perform oral sex after he has ejaculated inside his partner?

*How willing would you be to try new sexual positions?
            What is your favorite position?

*How willing are you to try new toys?                                            
What is your favorite toy?
Ever wanted to try a specific toy?

*Is having an orgasm important every time you have sex?
            Have you ever faked an orgasm?
            Can you have multiple orgasms

*Are you willing to make “those types” of bets with your partner?
            If you lose are you willing to be their sex slave for a day, (anything goes)?
If you win, what will you make them do?

*Do you like it when your partner moans and/or is vocal during sex?
            Do you like it when they talk about how good it is and what you are doing?
Do you like it when they show and tell you what they want?
            How about if they talk dirty and/or calls you names?

*Would you ever get your partner up from bed by using oral sex and/or intercourse?
Would you ever wanted to be woken up with oral and/or intercourse?

*Are you willing to have sex while you or your partner is on their period?
Would you give/ receive oral sex?
Would you have anal sex?
Would you give your partner a hand or foot job?      
Would you tell your partner to wait until after it passes?
Ever had the “virgin” fantasy while having sex while she/you are on your period?

*Is it ok to ejaculate on your body?     
How about on your face?
How about outside of vagina?
How about on your ass?
How about on your breast?
Is there any place that you would allow? Or not allow?

*Do you have any fetishes - including foot fetishes, role playing, S&M etc.? If yes what it is?

*Are you willing to play adult games with your partner? (Strip poker, truth or dare, spin the bottle, Naked Twister Etc.)
How about in a group setting?

*How do you feel about PDA?
Would you allow your partner to slide his finger into you or fondle your genitals under a restaurant table?
How about wearing vibrating panties while your partner has the remote control?
            How about wearing no panties at all while wearing a dress or skirt?

*If your partner wants an orgasm when you don't desire to have sex, how do you plan to deal with their needs?
 Will you ignore them?
Expect them to wait until you feel like it?
Encourage them to masturbate?
Have sex with them even though you don't want to?

*Have you had a threesome?
If NO, would you ever have one?  
If yes was it 2 men and a woman or 2 women and 1 man?
Did you enjoy it?
Would you do it again?
If you have not or if you have… what would it take to have a/an (another) threesome?
Would you rather it be with another female or male
If you are a woman, would you enjoy her body and help you partner have sex with her?
Would you take a active role and join n
If you are a man, would you double penetrate your partner?
Would you like to be in her mouth and him inside her vagina?                                                                    How about the other way around?
Would you like to be in her ass and him inside her vagina?
            How about the other way around?
Would you lick  or beast while he is inside of her?
What would you like to do during a threesome?

*Have you every wanted to watch your partner with someone else?
            Another man?
            Another woman?
            How about with a couple?

*Have you ever or have you thought about making out with someone of the same sex?
How about taking a shower?
How about touching?
How about using toys?
How about oral sex?
What would you do, that might seem to be a little risque?

*Do you believe that sexual fantasy is different from lust?

*What celebrity would you use your hall pass on?

*Do you have any fantasies involving Role-Playing?
Which of the following turn you on the most? Give a rating each one (0-100)

Model/Photographer                          Police/Criminal
Repairman/Lonely Wife                     Virgin/Experienced
Master/Slave                                      Boss/Maid
Teacher/Student                                 Stranger/One Night Stand
Escort/Client                                       Job Applicant/Hiring Manager
Doctor/Nurse                                      Sleeping Beauty/Prince Charming
Stripper/Client                                    Prisoner/Prison Guard
Nurse/Patient                                     Celebrity/Fan
Family Relation                                  Landlord/Tenant
-If you desire to try something not listed ... please list it...

*How do you feel after taking this questionnaire?
Did it turn you off?
Did it turn you on?            
Was it just questions that you answered?

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even better leave your answers...

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