Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Male Fantasy

I got this from the source listed below... I will add my thought on each... Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.... or a different Fantasy....
10. Sharing his partner
The reasons for this fantasy are quite diverse. Some of the men who fantasize about this simply enjoy the thought of pleasuring a woman in ways that are physically impossible for a single man (at the same time, anyway), others are turned on by the element of humiliation to themselves it can contain, and yet others get excited over the element of submission on the woman’s side that might be implied. All these different fantasies combined make this one of the more popular themes.
This would be fun... to watch and to join, I would love to be able to have an other help me touch my wife in ways that I can not do alone... The thought of having an other woman  please my wife is a major turn-on! 
9. Being watched
The combination of being taboo and involving others is what makes this fantasy a turn-on for quite a few men. Forbidden fruit is always attractive, especially when it comes to sex. When the chance of showing off ones sexual prowess to the world is added to that, it becomes an irresistible fantasy for many.
I think that this is a safe way of "Sharing your Partner" Don't just watch, come over and play!
8. Age differences
Sometimes it’s a simple matter of taste, sometimes a matter of wanting what you don’t have, and sometimes a matter of nostalgia. Either way, men often fantasize about women with ages vastly different from their own. Eighteen year old men fantasize about women in their forties, fifty-eight year old men fantasize about eighteen year old women, and so on.
I will admit that beautiful women of any age are always on the list... but when I think of older women I think what can they teach me... and then the other way around for the younger ladies... Both have a certain appeal to me. :-)
7. Going down
When it comes to specific sex acts, one of the most popular ones to fantasize about is performing oral sex on women. Both the thought of pleasuring a woman as well as stimulating senses like taste and scent make this fantasy incredibly arousing for many men.
I do love to taste of a good clean woman, and would love to please her for hours... with a toy, or just with my hands and tongue!!!
6. Various orifices
While performing oral sex on women is a popular fantasy, even more popular are receiving oral sex from a woman or performing anal sex on her. The difference in sensations from “normal” sex as well as the taboo aspect these acts hold for some prove to be incredibly alluring for many men – especially those who haven’t tried them before.
Not too much to say on this one... I have tried it all, and I prefer a tight Virginia any day! 
5. Sexy outfits
Nurse costumes, schoolgirl outfits, leather corsets and smart business suits. They’re just a few of the many outfits men fantasize about women wearing. While men usually aren’t quite as interested in high fashion as women are, the right set of clothes will turn many on.
Please dress up! Leet's throw some Role Playing into it and let's have some fun!
4. A change of scenery
“Location, location, location” might be the motto of real estate agents, but for many men it’s also a main feature of their fantasies. Whether it’s a tropical beach at night, the hood of their car, a sunny park in spring or the kitchen, sex in specific places is one of the most exciting fantasies for many men.
This one is pretty high on my list, You have got to be able to change it up from time to time... 
3. Watching
It’s often said that men are visual creatures, and this fantasy definitely confirms that. Watching a single woman masturbate, or watching a couple having sex – they’re favorite fantasies among a large group of men. Perhaps not surprising, considering the popularity of porn.
Well, this one goes back to the first one... "Sharing your Partner" 
2. Giving up control
In a society where men are often expected to take initiative, it shouldn’t come as a shock that many of them fantasize about doing the exact opposite and completely giving up control to a woman. Fantasies involving this range from simply being lazy in bed to being tied up and ravished by a woman.
This one does sound a little fun... and scary...
1. Three’s company
It’s cliché, but true: the most popular fantasy among men involves having sex with multiple women at the same time. Virtually every straight man will fantasize about it several – or, more likely, numerous – times in his life. Even if it usually doesn’t work out quite as well as you’d hope in real life, as a fantasy it is virtually unbeatable.
Finally, before you go out and suggest trying all these things to your partner, a word of caution: even if these are popular fantasies, every man is different. The best way to find out what your husband or boyfriend fantasizes about is asking him, not reading articles on websites. And always keep in mind that some fantasies are best left unfulfilled.
Well, yes this is my number one Fantasy!!! one day it will come true...

I think that I am going to make my own list.... of my top ten... stay tuned... I will get started on it ASAP! 

Thanks again for reading!!!

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