Sunday, December 6, 2015

20 Would you Rather for couples

Here are a 20 Would you Rather questions that are sure to reveal a lot about your someone... some will be very easy to answer,... while others may reveal some hidden desires and wont be so easy to share... :-) hope you have fun and learn something new...

    Your answer should be which one is ranked higher on your list....

Would you rather?
1-Would you Rather - Have sex with the lights on or the lights off?

2- Would you Rather -  Give or receive oral sex?

3- Would you Rather - Pay for sex or get paid for sex?

4- Would you Rather - Have morning sex or night sex? Part2 inside or outside?

5- Would you Rather - Be on top or bottom while having sex?

6 -Would you Rather - Skinny dip with just each other or involve a few friends?

7- Would you Rather - Abstain from having sex with me for one full year because you’ve been cursed by a magical spell, or would you have sex with five other people to break the curse and resume having sex with me?

8- Would you Rather - Try out new and crazy kinky sex ideas or have just have good common/normal sex?

9- Would you Rather - Have a threesome with someone you both know or a complete stranger?

10- Would you Rather - Have a threesome with 2 women and a man (ffm) or 2 men and one woman (mmf)?

11- Would you Rather - Grind and touch each other while clubbing/dancing  or be "played" with under the table at a restaurant?

12- Would you Rather -Be blindfolded and tied to the bed or just Blindfolded?

13- Would you Rather -  Role play being Master/Slave or Role Reversal?

14- Would you Rather - Have sex with each other while someone’s watching  or watch someone else having sex.

15- Would you Rather: Watch your partner having sex with someone else or have your partner watch you having sex with someone else?

16- Would you Rather - look like you are a super model and be very bad lover or be an average good looking person that is a great lover?

17- Would you Rather - Give up on a promotion or... sleep with your boss to get the promotion or  ask your partner to sleep with your boss to get the promotion?

18- Would you Rather - Know who your lover brought into the room to have sex with you or be blindfolded and never know?

19 -Would you Rather - Have sex with identical twins or a father and son/Mother and daughter?

20- Would you Rather - Explore and share your Desires and Fantasies with your partner or keep it to yourself and never fulfill them?

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